The Bayyinah Dream Program is a full-time, 9-month Arabic intensive located in Irving, Texas, USA. The Dream program, which is open to both brothers and sisters, covers both Quran'ic and Modern Standard Arabic.

The Dream program runs from mid-September to late May/early June each year.

Students should be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate by the time the program starts.
Certain exceptions are made for exceptionally qualified applicants under the age of 18. This normally means they are a Hafidh of the Qur’an and will be living with their parents or a guardian during the program.

School hours are between 8am - 3.15pm from Sunday - Thursday.
Every week there is a test on Friday from 8am - 11am.
There is no class on Saturday.

We encourage students who are interested in the program to read through the admissions requirements and pre-requisites before applying. Students can then identify any areas that need to be worked on and improve in those areas before submitting an application.

Students are welcome to submit an application if they are in the process of preparing for the assessments. However, students should prepare for the assessments and meet the pre-requisites before taking the assessments.

Bayyinah currently does not offer any scholarships.

We encourage students to reach out to their local communities and masjid for scholarships and sponsorship. Many communities are eager to invest in serious students who will be able to return and be an asset and activist for positive change in their communities. Some of our students have also been successful in fundraising via campaigns through online crowdfunding services such as LaunchGood, Kickstarter etc.

Additionally, local and national Islamic organizations such as ICNA, ISNA, and MAS etc may offer scholarships for students seeking Islamic knowledge. We encourage applicants to contact these and similar organizations to inquire about their scholarship opportunities.

We cannot accept international students into the Dream program. US visa holders, Canadian nationals and European nationals also fall under the category of international students. All applicants must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents. No exceptions can be made in this regard.
We encourage international students who are interested in Bayyinah's programs to check for an Access Course in their area, or to subscribe to Arabic with Husna on BayyinahTV.

No, the Dream program is available on-site only. For Bayyinah's online learning options, please checkout the Bayyinah Access Program and BayyinahTV.

The Dream Program is currently not accredited. We are in the process of applying for accreditation.
Students seeking credits are advised to contact their high school/university administration to discuss receiving credit for successful completion of the Dream program.
Additionally, Dream Graduates will be equipped to take the ACTFL language tests. Some schools/universities may provide credit for students who successfully complete the ACTFL language tests (ACTFL is the American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages).

Currently the Dream program is not available outside the US, although we may consider expansion to other locations in the future inshaa Allah.
We encourage international students who are interested in Bayyinah's programs to check for an Access Course in their area, or to subscribe to Arabic with Husna on BayyinahTV

No, Bayyinah does not offer any kind of student housing. Students relocating to the area for Dream will be responsible for their own living arrangements. Please check the Campus Life page for more information.

To ensure a comfortable learning environment for all students, children may not be in the classroom while class is in session. Additionally minors (i.e. anyone below the age of 18) may not be left unsupervised on campus at any time.
Due to the available childcare options in the Irving area close to campus, Bayyinah no longer provides childcare options on campus. Parents are responsible for arranging childcare for their children during the school day.

We understand that everyone has different goals and motivations for studying Arabic. However, the Dream program is not a weekend seminar. It is a 9 month intensive program designed for students who are dedicated, mature, serious, sincere and studious. Know your commitment level. Studying 12 hours a day for 9 months is not easy. Students need to be extremely committed before they decide on applying.

Please see the curriculum page.

In addition to the regular class hours, students can expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours daily studying at home. Dedicated students may invest an additional 3-4 hours outside of class on a daily basis. In addition, studying for the weekly exams can sometimes take 4-6 hours outside of class.

There are no official restrictions, but students who worked on the side in previous years found it extremely challenging to manage work along with their studies. The Dream program is intense. It is highly recommended to not work during the course of the program.

Yes. Public transportation is not readily available in Irving, which makes things like getting groceries incredibly difficult without having a car. If you do not have a car, you should arrange to live with someone who does and work it out ahead of time.

A laptop or computer is required to be able to maintain and receive contact/assignments from staff and fellow students. Students should also bring a 2-3" binder, several spiral notebooks, folders, a calendar/planner, and general school supplies including pens, pencils and highlighters. Students will also find it extremely convenient to have a printer.
Students should also bring their own Mushaf for Quran memorization and tajweed.