DREAM...Founded in 2010, the Bayyinah Dream Program is a full-time, 9-month Arabic intensive located in Irving, Texas, USA. The Dream Program is designed for those who want to dive into the ocean of Quran and Arabic. It is an extremely intensive program, and is not for those who merely want a taste. A student's success demands sincerity, dedication, and hard work from both students and staff. To ensure this is possible, we aim to ensure that every aspect of the program is unmatched in its professionalism and quality.

QURAN...The Quran'ic Arabic portion of the Dream program gives students the ability to linguistically analyze the Qur'an and understand the nuances involved in translation. Students are also able to navigate classical and contemporary Islamic texts and understand complex linguistic tools.

FAMILY...Dream graduates testify to the fact that even though the program is rigorous, it is made as fun and relevant to student experiences as possible. Because of the amount of time that students and staff spend together, by the end of the academic year everyone becomes as close as family. We hold activities and events throughout the year to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst the student body.

EXCEL...The success of this program demands sincerity, dedication and hard work from both our students and staff. Graduates of the Dream Program have shown remarkable results. Bayyinah Dream graduates return to their communities equipped with the tools to continue learning and understanding the Quran and with an eagerness to share what they have learned with others.