DREAM...Founded in 2010, the Bayyinah Dream Program is a full-time, 9-month Arabic intensive located in Irving, Texas, USA. The Dream program covers reading, speaking, writing and speaking in both Quran'ic and Modern Standard Arabic.

QURAN...The Quran'ic Arabic portion of the Dream program gives students the ability to linguistically analyze the Qur'an and understand the nuances involved in translation. Students are also able to navigate classical and contemporary Islamic texts and understand complex linguistic tools.

MODERN...The Modern Standard Arabic component enables students to compose, read, comprehend and speak formal Arabic up to an intermediate proficiency. The curriculum emphasizes correct speech while utilizing appropriate phrases and anecdotes in their proper context.

RESEARCH...The combination of Classical and Modern Arabic empowers students to research and navigate Islamic texts, have discussions with scholars, and benefit from the rich sources of Islamic media from the Arab world. The skills of reading, listening and speaking modern Arabic will give students the tools that allow them to interact with Arab society without compromising the historical integrity of the language.

EXCEL...The success of this program demands sincerity, dedication and hard work from both our students and staff. Graduates of the Dream Program have shown remarkable results. Bayyinah Dream graduates return to their communities equipped with the tools to continue learning and understanding the Quran and with an eagerness to share what they have learned with others.

Watch the following videos to see what our students are capable of in such a short time: