Bayyinah begins

Nouman Ali Khan starts Bayyinah from his laptop. He begins teaching Fundamentals of Classical Arabic in the New York and New Jersey areas. Later he launches Tajwid and Reading essentials with Wisam Sharieff.


Seminars spread nationwide

Bayyinah has traveled to more than 40 locations, all by word of mouth.


Southern hospitality

Nouman Ali Khan meets Abdul Nasir Jangda and decides to eventually move to Dallas. Abdul Nasir Jangda joins Bayyinah and teaches his first course in Vermont.


Divine Speech

Nouman Ali Khan begins teaching Divine Speech, one of Bayyinah's most successful seminars.


Meaningful Prayer

Research is completed for Bayyinah's Meaningful prayer, which becomes one of Bayyinah's longest-running courses.


Weekend seminars take over

Bayyinah's weekend seminar model takes priority over teaching the 10-day Fundamentals of Classical Arabic course. Total attendees pass the 25,000 mark.


Audio Library

Bayyinah launches their Podcast with Tafsir lectures of Juz 'Amma and Juz Tabarak, taught by Nouman Ali Khan and Abdul Nasir Jangda to raise awareness of the organization.



Nouman Ali Khan moves to Dallas during the summer of 2009 and explores the idea of opening a campus.


Qur'an for Family series

Bayyinah retires Divine Speech and launches the Surah Rahman course. Abdul Nasir Jangda follows suit and starts the Surah Yaseen course.


Bayyinah's Dream

Bayyinah announces that it will be launching a 9-month intensive Arabic program in 2010.


Campus found

After looking at more than 100 spaces, Nouman Ali Khan decides on a space close to the DFW airport and the Irving Masjid. Bayyinah leases more than 11,000 sq. feet to use for its campus.


Bayyinah Dream launches

After the summer, Bayyinah Dream begins its inaugural class of 65 students on its new campus.



Bayyinah Dream's inaugural class graduates on June 30, 2011.


Qur'an Intensive

In the summer, Bayyinah begins its 30-day Qur'an intensive taught by Abdul Nasir Jangda in Carrollton, Texas. Bayyinah films a 30-day documentary series during the course.


Dream's second year

Bayyinah Dream starts its second year in the Fall and Nouman Ali Khan begins filming "Qur'an: Cover to Cover."


Qalam Institute

Bayyinah and Qalam Institute begin their collaboration.


Across the pond

Nouman Ali Khan travels to London in November 2011 to attend the Twins of Faith convention.

In December, the first international Divine Speech was offered in London with more than 1,000 attendees from 15 countries, making it the largest Divine Speech to date.


Arabic with Husna

Nouman Ali Khan begins teaching Arabic to his daughter, Husna, and films the lessons as a series.


Amazed by the Qur'an

Bayyinah's first conference is held at the Irving Convention Center featuring lectures by Abdul Nasir Jangda, Nouman Ali Khan and Suhaib Webb from Boston.


Bayyinah TV

Bayyinah TV is announced at the Amazed by the Qur'an conference. Three shows are launched with the website: Arabic with Husna, Qur'an: Cover to Cover, and Divine Speech.


Dream's 2nd graduation

Bayyinah Dream completes its second year.


Qur'an Intensive

Abdul Nasir Jangda teaches the Qur'an Intensive for the second time in Carrollton, Texas.


Podcast grows

Bayyinah's podcast hits more than 2 terabytes of downloads per day, forcing a move to a new server.


Dream's third year

Bayyinah Dream starts its third year and Nouman Ali Khan continues filming the Qur'an: Cover to Cover project on campus.


Story Night

Story Night, an evening program taught by Nouman Ali Khan, is announced.


#Muhammad video

In light of recent protests about depictions of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), Nouman Ali Khan releases a video commenting on the situation that quickly goes viral.


Bayyinah Access Programs

Bayyinah announces two part-time programs (the Access Program) on its Dallas campus. The programs are in the mornings and evenings and last for seven months.


Reaching out

Bayyinah continues to build ties with other institutions like Mishkah University and Zaytuna College.


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